Access Georgia Compass To Check Eligibility Status For Benefits

GA COMPASS is short form of “GEORGIA COMMON POINT OF ACCESS TO SOCIAL SERVICES” it is basically a department of Georgia’s human services which is used to determine that either particular member of needy family is eligible to avail social services or benefits. State of Georgia is providing an opportunity for needy people to enjoy number of social benefits and services. This program is launched for deprived people of Georgia in order to provide them aid through various programs such as funds for child health, funds for medical assistance and homeless people.

Social Benefits And Services By Georgia COMPASS:

Georgia Compass system is providing various social benefits which can be accessed through its official website. Eligible families or individual are allow to apply for various assistance programs such as food stamp (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) welfare program, housing aid, Medicaid, med-aid, child support program, aging services, Block Grant funds, temporary assistance for needy families, child care and much more. Before applying for application of any particular service or program being an applicant you are required to check your eligibility status first, if you find that you are eligible to apply for Georgia COMPASS assistance program only then you can proceed with its application, check current status of application also you can manage your account online.

Process of finding your eligibility for assistance program is not a big deal because you don’t have to visit any of its office, you can confirm your eligibility for any particular program through online compass system. These assistance services and benefits are usually launched to minimize rate of poverty and maximize strength of income.

In this article you will come to know how check eligibility status in order to avail social benefits.

What Are The Requirements In Order To Avail Social Services And Benefits By Accessing GA COMPASS System?

If you want to avail social services and benefit by accessing GA COMPASS you are required to have a personal computer with high speed internet connection available to it. You must be a legal resident of state of Georgia.

What Is The Procedure In Order To Avail Social Services And Benefits By Accessing GA COMPASS System?

  1. First of all, you need to turn on your personal computer and open internet browser, insert official URL of website GA COMPASS in order to avail its social services and benefits. Link of website is given as
  2. In next step you are required to find a button which is labeled as “Am I eligible?” after finding button you need to click on it.
  3. You are supposed to read introduction of GA COMPASS with great care and after reading click on button which is labeled as “Next”
  4. You need to specify facilities or services for which you are looking, click on button which of “Next”
  5. In next step you are required to provide personal details as required by website such as your name, address, contact details etc…
  6. Once you have determined your status of eligibility, you are required to visit official website.
  7. and click on button of “APPLY FOR BENEFITS”
  8. You need to click on button of “Start a new application”, Later click on button of “Next”
  9. You are required to provide details and confirm it at official website (Link of website is given above) in order to monitor current status of application.
  10. Fill in the required information and check later at the GA COMPASS website to monitor the status of your application.
  11. For further information about Georgia COMPASS benefits feel free to visit FAQ Web page at given address