Privacy Policy

Our Website records your personal information in secure manner keeping in mind the concept of security. Our privacy policy deals with how information is collected and treated when users visit and access services on our website. You are required to read our privacy policy cautiously

Website Visitors

Unlike other websites, we usually collect public information such as details about internet browsers including type of browser, preferred language, log of websites, time and date to access website. These information are collected to understand which content users want to access more and what is the ratio of accessing particular service or website.

We also use this information to generate annual reports to show usage trend of website. We also collect information including domain name, IP Address, type of operating system, device details, frequency to visit website, history of web pages and links.User does not provide this information himself whereas this information is used for estimation purpose in order to enrich function of usability in website.

Gathering of Personal Information

Sometimes our website requires personal information of visitors based on interaction with website. we collects information which depends on the type and nature of user’s interaction.

Every so often users are required to register themselves to avail particular service on this website. In order to register, users have to provide personal information by filling registration form including address, name, Email-Address, phone number, country, state, zip code details then these information will be saved on other end to recognize user. We do not reveal personal information of visitors.We use these information according to policy, law, and with rules and regulation.

Formation of Reports

We collect information and generate reports about behavior of users related to website by monitoring usage trend of website. Our site may display this content publicly or share it with others.

Protection of personal Information

We disclose personal information of users to only it’s those employees, registered companies and contractors those who want to apply that provided information services and strictly mentioned not to disclose this information with other source. According to law and polices, collected information will not be disclose to outside of State of Georgia Sector besides where permission is given but if status of collected information is public under Act of OCGA 50-18-70 that would be use for examination purpose. Therefore visitors must keep this thing in mind that if status of information is public then it will be use by website for inspection if not then it will keep retained and secure. GA Compass will share information with third party only if it’s having good faith to disclose information, where it is necessary to protect services and rights of website. If you are an existing registered member of website then you will be informed by latest features, offers and deals provided by your E-mail address. if you send us feedback or any request on our feedback portal then we can use our right to publish it for convenience of others as well.

You must keep one thing in mind if you will share your personal information to “Forums”, “Message board” or in “chat boxes” then your details will become public details which means you can lose your privacy of information and resultant you may suffer from unwanted messages.



Cookie is used to store in computer of visitors which will help to collect data related totime and usage of website. Similarly, We input a cookie to visitor’s internet browser which is use to give them a unique identity. No one else can use this cookie but website. We use these cookies to monitor traffic of website If users don’t want to allow us to recognize them, they can do so by inactivating cookies of your web browser.



All personal information of users and visitors are stored on reliable and restricted servers of database. No one can access information without permission of our site as described above.


Privacy Policy Changes

We can change its privacy policy any time therefore we encourages users to visit privacy page frequently to keep themselves updated with privacy policy.

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