Learn Food Stamp Renewal Process For Georgia

Compass Georgia is providing you complete social online service to access your applications and other important documents easily. This is quick and easy for citizens of Georgia to get answers of their all questions regarding any social problem. The government of Georgia has developed this online service to provide easy to catch all methods to get your documents. You can access their site within their working hours from 7:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m. You can access complete information about “if you are eligible? “ , “ how to apply”, “ online application status” and online account service to get your documents in your account.

In Georgia, if you are going to renew your food stamp then you can go through by two ways to complete this process. You can submit your application via online service available at compass.gov service or you can submit paper application to Division of Family and Children Services. The Sooner you start this process will get quick response to avoid resume benefits or stamp services.

When You Will Get Termination Notice?

After getting approved for food stamp benefits, you will receive a letter for confirmation where the expiry date of benefit will be mentioned, that will indicate you that after this duration will not be able to use this benefits until you go through the renewal process. The Department of Family and Children Services will send you a reminder letter before benefit expiry date before one month. This letter will inform you about the ending date of your benefits and advise you to renew your benefit application if you required it anymore. If you want to avoid the delay in your benefits then you should start renewal process at the time to get benefits in consequent sequence.

How To Apply Online?

If you want to choose online method for applying food stamp benefits then you should have to visit Common point of access to social service system. Follow these simple steps for completing the renewal process easily.

  • Access your account to start this process.
  • If you are already member here then choose the button “Login” to get into your account.
  • Enter your UserID, and password in the specific column and click on the button “Login”.
  • If you are not registered here then click on the button “Create Account” and go through complete registration process to get your online account.
  • After that choose the button “Renew My Benefits” and see the list of benefits that you are taking by the Gov.
  • After that choose the option “Food Stamp Benefits” and start renewing application.
  • Fill the application and submit it online.
  • Follow the further instruction by the department to wait for completing this process.

How To Submit Paper Application?

If you don’t have internet service and you want to submit your application then you need to follow these instructions mentioned here.

  • Get form for food stamp renewal process.
  • After that fill this form by entering your full name, DOB, SSN, and full address will contact details like your phone numbers and email address.
  • Next need your signature and witness signature for verification.
  • After that provide information about authorized representatives.
  • Next you need to fill some information about the medication verification.
  • Complete the application and return if the local office of DCFS or you can mail or fax by the respective ways.

Benefits Renewal Process Competition:

On Receiving your online application or paper application to the DCFS office the responsible staff member will review your application to meet benefit criteria. If they need some more verification or information, staff will set time for interview on phone. After that they will send your application for renewal process to complete. You will start receiving your benefits without any discontinuity if you have submitted your application according to timely manners.