How to apply for Georgia Compass Medicaid Services

Georgia Compass is offering medical facilities named as Medicare and Medicaid to deserving people. Medicare is health insurance program, governed by Federal government which provide medical funds. This program is initiated to pay medical bills of those people who are above 65 years old or disable. Medicaid is governed by Department of Community health, providing services of health insurance which is started to pay medical bills of needy families. This service is also for pregnant ladies, ladies with breast cancer, aged people, and disable people, adoptive Childs. Medicaid is paying against various medical services including in house treatment, hospice treatment, prescription, medical emergency, dental treatment and much more.

In order to apply for Medicaid program you need to check out first that either you are qualified for Medicaid or not by contacting Representative Officer at DFCS office. Make a call at 4046566060 to get help about location of DFCS office, telephone number or fax details near to your place. You need to submit signed Medicaid application to DFCS office through mail or E-mail, fax or telephone.


You can only apply for Medicaid if you met given requirements.

  1. As far as Childs are concerned parents eligibility doesn’t matter, Child must be resident of United States
  2. You can apply only if your income is low.
  3. If you are pregnant or suffering from breast cancer.
  4. If you are more than 65 years old
  5. If you are disable or blind.
  6. If you need nursing care at home.

Procedure to fill Application form of Medicaid

Application form is divided into four section of Personal details, Income, resources and dependent care, children seeking benefits and adults seeking benefits. You can access  For complete details and documentations

  1. First of all you need to check the block in which you want to apply including RSM, Pregnant Woman, Families w/Children and Chafee Independence Program Medicaid
  2. In section of Personal information, you are required to enter your first and last name in given spaces along with mailing and residence address. Add current date with name of city, state and zip code. Add your phone number and E-mail address in relevant fields.
  3. In next step you need to list down all the person for whom you want to claim Medicaid, you can also add yourself. Add first, middle and last name along with suffix, race, gender, date of birth, relation to you and social security number in relevant fields one by one for all members.
  4. Fill up a questionnaire based on Yes and No choices, Fill up all boxes according to your personal details.
  5. In section of Income, resources and dependent care, you are required to enter wages or earning as per pay check along with name of person who is receiving wages. Specify the duration of receiving wages such as weekly, monthly etc…
  6. Similarly, add gross income from Worker’s Compensation, pension, social security income and unemployment benefits in related fields as directed.
  7. Add total amount or value of your resources such as cash, saving account, credit union and retirement account in relevant blanks along with name of owner. Add your vehicle details including model, year and total owed amount.
  8. Provide information about name of person who works, name of child, care provider and total amount for day care services.
  9. Certify the terms and conditions by filling the check box. Enter date and do signature where required
  10. Under section of children seeking benefits, you are required to enter name, place of birth including city, state and country along with US citizen, signature of parent and date in relevant text boxes.
  11. Similarly, under last section of Adult seeking benefits you have to enter all details as required.