Food STAMP (SNAP) Calculator Benefits

Food stamp (SNAP) program is also known as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. SNAP program is considered as one the largest assistance program of nutrition authorized by U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). USDA conduct various surveys and research in order to improve SNAP program and it also hopes that rate of eligible families will increase, those who are deserving to receive allowance for food.

This program is initiated to minimize rate of hunger and starvation and increase purchasing power of food for eligible participants (Household), therefore it is providing monthly allowances to eligible families in order to purchase food for them. Allowance of SNAP Program basically depends on the income and size of household. Through this information one can easily calculate total amount of remuneration.

Georgia Food stamp calculator is used to estimate total amount of SNAP Benefits online. This calculator is tool of Compass which helps in determining that is it beneficial for you to apply and receive SNAP Assistances. Application of food stamp process usually completed in 30 days. Once you have applied for SNAP Assistance and you have been qualified you will receive benefits through EBT card on every month. You can swap your EBT in all those store where it is acceptable.

In this article you will come to know about how to calculate total amount of SNAP allowances.

How to calculate total amount of SNAP Benefit:

  1. You are required to visit Compass tool and click on image of “AM I ELIGIBLE”
  2. This click will redirect you to next step where you need to screen the services of Compass from given list of services. You can either select any one services or all named as medical aid, TANF, energy assistance, child support, local community based services, food stamp benefits, ageing services, WIC and much more.
  3. Click on button of “Next”
  4. In next step under section of “House hold information” confirm residency of any household in Georgia through drop down list.
  5. Select name of country along with total number of people in household in relevant fields.
  6. Select age of people in house hold from given check boxes.
  7. Under section of “Health Related Information” select option of yes or no from drop down list to specify that either you are disable or not.
  8. Under section of “Income Information” enter amount and frequency of total earning of household along with extra earning if any.
  9. Under section of “Expense Information” enter total amount which spent on child or adult care along with medical expenses of child and amount of child support who is out of home in relevant fields as directed as per month or year.
  10. Under section of “Housing Information” enter total amount of rent along with frequency in relevant fields.
  11. Choose “Yes” option if household pay for cooling or heating expense otherwise select “NO”
  12. Similarly, select yes if household pay for utilities bills and telephone otherwise “No”
  13. Review all information to authenticate your details after then click on button which is marked as “Next”
  14. Once you have entered all the information wait for few seconds after which you will get estimates of SNAP Benefits form COMPASS Calculator.
  15. Now you can apply for stated benefits by clicking on option of “Apply online” located at the center of web page.
  16. Follow all onscreen instruction to submit application for food stamp benefits.
  17. In next step you are required to schedule your interview and keep all financial documents in hand at the time of interview.
  18. At the end if you have qualified all the requirements of interview then you will be awarded with EBT card which you can use to shop for approved items.