File an Application of Georgia Food Stamp

Georgia’s COMPASS named as Common Point of Access to Social Services which is designed to access public assistance benefits and manage your assistance program if any you are receiving currently through GA COMPASS. These assistance benefits programs are especially for those eligible people who live in Georgia. Public benefits programs which can be achieved by compass website are child care assistance, cash assistance, child support, help with buying food, low cost health care, mental health, energy assistance, aging services, homeless benefits, local community services and much more.

Georgia food stamps program is also known as SNAP Program. This program is funded by federal that provides food assistance to needy people. Food stamp program is governed by Georgia Department of Human Services under head of Georgia Division of Family and Children Services.

Eligibility Criteria of Food Stamp Assistance Program

In order to receive food support from Federal Government you need to have to meet given requirements of eligibility.

  1. You must be a legal citizen of United States or you must own a legal foreign status
  2. You must keep in hand all relevant documents to authenticate your family income.
  3. Total family income should not exceed income limits as directed.
  4. You need to have all documents related to in house utilities, rent, child support expenditures and child care expenses.

Follow above given set of requirements to confirm your eligibility, if you are eligible then you are supposed to file an application of Georgia food stamp. There are three different ways through which eligible candidates can apply for Georgia food stamps.

  • Georgia Good Stamps online Application
  • Georgia Good Stamps Mail in Application
  • Georgia Good Stamps in person

Once you have fulfilled the eligibility criteria, you need to visit website of Compass and take out print of your application and visit food stamp retailor near to you or mail it.

  • Georgia Food Stamps Online Application
  1. You need to visit official website of COMPASS in order to apply for Georgia food stamps online and click on picture which is marked as ‘Apply for Benefits’.
  2. This click will redirect you to introductory web page where it will check out “Eligibility for medical coverage”
  3. Click on button which is labeled as “Next” located on lower side of web page.
  4. In next step you are required to specify that either you are a new applicant or resuming to your application. Click on button of “Next”
  5. Furthermore, you have to provide credentials of your income and follow onscreen instructions to complete the application.
  6. After completing your application you can check status of your application and benefits program.
  7. You can access this for further information
  • Georgia Food Stamps Mail In Application

In Georgia Food Stamps Mail in application method you are allowed to print your application and mail in online. It will take time period of thirty days to receive benefits after acceptance of application. You can also determine the amount of benefits which you would be going to receive.

  1. You need to fill your application accurately after than sign at the bottom of application.
  2. You are required to keep first three pages of your personal details with you and mail in rest of the pages of application to local office of DFCS.
  3. Later, you will be contacted for interview, it can be conducted on phone so keep your phone active all the time.
  • Georgia Food Stamps In Person
  1. First of all you need to find out Local office of DTA in order to apply for Food Stamps in person.
  2. You need to call to set a meeting, after then call the application hot line at 1-877-423-4746.
  3. For further support about Georgia compass food stamps application call the help number – 1-877-423-4746.